Tylila Ford

Walking In My Shoes: My Life In Poetry

A summary of my life's most painful and delicate moments. Brought to life in poetic expression.


How do you just walk away

With nothing to say

Left behind your seeds like dead weeds for someone else to care for.

My mind drifts to wonder who,or what kind of man could do this?

No calls for the holidays, and even your own son’s graduation you found someone way to remain out of the picture. 

You seem to slither, in when you want to. Thinking the world owes you.

What would it cost, for you to take your children out on a sunny day, or ask about their grades? A simple visit to show you care? Or would that be too much for you?

Tears are no longer wasted, since your children have tasted your absence

Digested it with no more chances to give.

I hope you live to see regret. I hope you see what you left behind. I hope you you will have time to straighten out the mess you’ve made.

I hope you don’t take this anger with you to your grave. 

If so, then it is your loss, for not carrying the cross of fatherhood.

No good, not worthy anymore. I believe the next time you decide to show up,not to let you through the door.


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“Walking In my Shoes” offers an intimate exploration of life’s twists and turns through the lens of poetry. Spanning from the whispers of childhood to the echoes of adulthood, this collection weaves together moments of joy, sorrow, love, and resilience. Each poem serves as a chapter, painting vivid portraits of experiences, emotions, and the evolving self. From the quiet solace of introspection to the thunderous roar of passion, these verses invite readers to embark on a reflective journey, finding echoes of their own lives within the pages. Order your copy now!

Love Insightful

Loved the book Insightful about life.

Real Life

Great book on a glimpse into your life can’t wait for more.

Great self expression

Great self expression from the writer. This book had Aa variety of emotional scenarios brought to life thru pen and pad.